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Exchange Steel Cylinder $22.95

Steel Cylinder / No Exchange $49.95

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Disconnect / Reconnect / Leak Detection Service Free  
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We Offer:

Propane cylinder delivery to your home or business.

Exchanges, Refills, Replacements, and Back Up Cylinders.

Traditional 20# Steel Cylinders.

New Technology Composite Cylinders which do not corrode or rust.

All cylinders are filled to capacity, not "15lbs net" like many other companies.

Disconnect, Reconnect, and Leak Detection Service.

7 Day Delivery including Holidays and Rush Service Available!

rapid propane exchange - new technology composite cylinders

Cylinder Options:

  • The most popular option is the exchange, where we deliver a full cylinder , and take your empty cylinder with us.

  • If you prefer to use your own cylinder without an exchange, we will come to your home or business, pick up your cylinder, fill it, and return it to you on our route schedule.

  • Another option is to purchase a delivered full cylinder from us without exchanging, for use as a backup to the cylinder you already own.

  • Our line of products features both traditional 20# steel cylinders and also includes composite cylinders, which are the latest technology in propane cylinders. These composites are distinctly different from steel cylinders in three ways: they are much lighter than steel cylinders, they will not rust or corrode, and you can actually see the amount of propane remaining inside them.

  • We fill our cylinders to capacity, not "15lbs net" like many other companies.

  • For your convenience, and peace of mind, our delivery person can disconnect the empty cylinder, reconnect the full cylinder, and perform a leak detection service on your equipment.

  • As long as we have access to your cylinder and / or your outdoor appliance, you do not need to be at your home or business when we deliver to you. Our drivers are courteous and professional whether you are there or not.

Rapid Propane Cylinder Delivery Service

Rapid Propane Exchange was founded to provide a much needed service to busy people like you. We pledge to provide you with a safe, dependable, and reliable delivery option for your
propane needs. Our delivery personnel will be competent, friendly, and professional
when they arrive at your home or business.

Rapid Propane… When you need it, where
you want it!

Currently serving Northeast Ohio please call for details
Telephone:  440-236-3270     Toll Free:  855-255-9870

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